About Us

About Us

JustPastelink.com - Share Text & Images the Easy Way

The quickest way to share text & images with other people

1.By default, anonymous

We give writers and readers a great degree of privacy. To publish anything, you are not need to create an account.

The entire page is free of advertisements, and no social media scripts are used. You may be certain that neither social media nor advertising businesses will utilize any information about your activities on the website.

2.user-friendly text editor with text formatting capabilities

Copy and paste content from a word processor or another webpage. Both the photos and the text layout will be kept.

3.Images and films

photos can be quickly added to your notes by dragging and dropping them into a designated area or by pasting photos straight into the editor from the clipboard. All it takes to embed YouTube videos is the URL in separate line, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxx

4.Save notes as PDF

Your notes can be downloaded as PDF files.

5.Ask for Captcha verification

Distinguish real users from bots. Allow that your content be only accessed by humans.